The most visited place in the area is the hill of Zivcak. According to the testimony of Matus Lasut, Virgin Mary revealed herself to him on the 1st of June 1958. This became a place of pilgrimage firstly for people from this area and now also for people from all over the world. The water from the hill spring is said to have healing powers.


It is situated near Korna in the protected area of Kysuce. It was declared a Natural Site of Special Interest on 1984. It is a typical feature of flysch belt – oil production. In a protected area of 0.171 hectares, a natural outflow of light oil with a high oil content with occasional methane outflows can be seen. In the vicinity there were several boreholes drilled in 1898 and then until World War II. The assessment of bearings is currently inefficient. 

In the scenic scenery of the countryside, there is preserved the old architecture of the characteristic village of Kysuce region. There had been transferred objects and structures preserved from the past times. Among the most valuable exhibits belong:

  • mill and saw from Klubina from the late 19th century
  • residential houses and settlements from Riečnica and Harvelka from the middle of the 19th century
  • chapel from Zborov from the beginning of 19th century and many other objects
  • there is also a tavern from Korna located in the museum

Narrow gauge railway, national technical monument is a part of Kysuce village museum. It has unique switchback system / similar functional trail exists currently only in Southern America /allowing it to manage altitude difference of 217 m in only 1500 m aerial distance. Due to maintained quality of the railroad and all the facilities this railway is one of world`s rarities. 

These lie between the villages of Hlavice and Hruby Buk in the nature reserve of Klokocovske Skalie. A mighty rocky edge with demonstrations of spherical separation. Similar is the Kornica site. Similar rocks occur in the Kornica area.

Thanks to well preserved flora and fauna, in 1984 there was created an area of 65,462 hectares as Kysuce Protected Landscape Area. Kysuce region provides very good conditions for hiking and cycling. You can find attractive trails both for beginners and more advanced hikers. Summer hiking is enriched by the ability to collect mushrooms and berries in romantic settings far from worries of everyday life

Swimming is possible in ponds in Turzovka, Predmier area, 3 km from the guesthouse. A swimming pool can be found 20 km from the guesthouse in Cadca town.
Tennis courts are available in 5 km distant Turzovka town.

Kysuce region is known for its rich folk traditions, which continue until today. Annual Folklore Festivals - Goral Festivities in Skalite (St. Jan festival) and Beskydy Festivities in Turzovka (on the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Day) are parades of singing and dancing groups from the nearby surroundings. Also groups from abroad take part at these festivals.